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Custom Theme

You can define a color palette for charts, font color, zone indicator icons, and zone colors.

Example of a Custom Theme Dialog

Note: You must have the Administrative role to configure cus­tom themes.

To define a custom color palette:

  1. Click Options   at the top of the screen and select Discovery Settings.
  2. From the Themes tab, select Use Custom Theme to define a custom theme.
  3. Change the color by using the color picker or by entering the hex code for the color. You can change the color palette for pen colors, font colors, and zone settings, including:
  • Change the style of Icon set to: Standard, Traffic, Button, Flags, Simple, Compact.
  • Setting the conditional colors for Excellent, Good, Warning, and Bad thresholds.
  1. Click Apply.

To revert to the default theme:

Clear the Use Custom Themes check box to use the default theme.

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