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Units By Client Table Chart

Version: DashboardsClassic 

Explains how to create a basic Discovery Classic table chart

To create a table chart:

  1. Click Dials in the Component Library.
  2. Expand your company dials folder and click Create New Dial.
    The Create New Dial dialog appears.
  3. Select Table from the list of templates, and enter a name (in this case, Units by Cli­ent:

Create New Dialog Box

  1. Click Data Settings in the Editors menu.
  2. Check that both Actual and Plan are selected.
  3. Select the account you want to use (in this case, a custom account named Total_Units).
  4. Set the name and abbreviation you want to use (in this case, Total_Units and Units).
  5. Select Dimension from the Break down data by menu.
  6. Select Client from the Category Dimension menu:
    Data Settings Editor
  7. Click Apply.
    Note that if you haven’t imported actuals for the current month, the Units column in the table is blank. To see how the table looks with actu­als data in it, change the month selected in the Context Pane to one for which actu­als have been imported.

Context Pane

  1. Click Data Filter in the Editors menu.
  2. Under Top N, click only the first n records.
  3. Click the number 10 in the left pane of the editor and replace it with the number 3:

Data Filter Editor

  1. Click Apply and then close. The completed dial:

Units By Client Table Chart

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