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Explains how to create a Profit and Loss Scorecard using Discovery Classic

Scorecards display actuals data, and can show up to nine different series of data at once. The P&L Scorecard starter dial has been created with six different series of data. The steps below walk you through customizing it to suit your own needs.

To customize the P&L scorecard:

  1. Click Dials  in the Component Library.
  2. Expand the Starter Dials folder.
  3. Mouse over the P&L Scorecard dial and click the small button that appears on the right side of its name.

  4. Click Copy dial to Personal Dials.
  5. Expand the Personal Dials folder.
  6. Click the P&L Scorecard dial and drag it to the location where you want it to appear (if you are using the Visual Designer, you can just click to open it in the editing area).
  7. Click Data Settings in the Editors menu:
  8. In the Select Series menu on the left, you can see the available series of data. Six have been set up already. To edit one, click its name in the Select Series menu.
    This loads its information in the editing area on the right. To remove the series from the dial, uncheck Enabled. To add a series to the dial, click one of the series named Series # and check Enabled. To change or set which account is displayed in the series, use the Account drop-down menu. You can change the name and abbreviation used for the series and the color used in the area chart visible in the 4x1 size of the dial.
    You can also add a data filter, to narrow the focus of a series or force it to only use a particular version.
    Click Apply to see how your changes affect the dial.
  9. When you are satisfied with your changes, click Close.
  10. Click Aspect Ratio in the Editors menu.
  11. Select an aspect ratio that displays all the information you need without taking up too much space.
    All dials are affected by their aspect ratio, but the changes are huge when it comes to scorecards. At 4x1, all the information is displayed. At smaller widths, less and less information is displayed. The following are P&L Scorecard at all four widths:

    Example Scorecard in Four Sizes

  12. After you’ve selected the width you prefer, click Apply to see it applied to the dial.
  13. If you’re satisfied with the new aspect ratio, click Close.
  14. You can see that in all aspect ratios but 1x1, there are Zoneand Trend columns with icons in them.
    To edit the scorecard’s account zones, click Account Zones in the Editors menu.
    The zones are set individually for each account/series referenced in the dial. Choose which account to edit from the drop-down menu at the top of the editor, then make your changes.
  15. Repeat for each account/series whose zones you want to edit.
  16. Click Close when done.

You can also enable a grey trendline in the micro chart area of the scorecard. This dis­plays a trendline over the area chart for each series. To do this, click Analysis Settings in the Editors menu and set the Default Analysis View to Micro Chart Trendline. Click Apply to view your dial with trendlines:

Example Scorecard with Micro Chart

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