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Period Summary Table

Period summary tables have metric values on their rows and base and summary level time periods on their columns. You can see an example below:

Example of a Period Summary Table

To create a period summary table like the one above, do the following:

  1. Click Edit In Place  (or open the Visual Designer if you prefer).

  2. Expand the Component Library (edit in place only) by clicking Expand .

  3. Click Dials    in the Component Library.

  4. Expand the Personal Dials folder (or another folder where you want to save the dial).

  5. Drag Create New Dial onto your dashboard.
    The Create New Dial dialog appears.

  6. Click the Period Summary Table template and enter My Period Summary Table as the dial’s name.

  7. Click Create.

  8. Click the name of the dial in your Personal Dials folder and drag it to the location where you want it to appear (if you are using the Visual Designer, you can just click to open it in the editing area).

  9. Expand the list of metrics in the Data Components menu on the left.

  10. Find the metric(s) you want to display.

  11. Click and drag the metric(s) onto the period summary table.

  12. Once you have the metrics you want in place, you can reorder them and specify their settings using the Data Settings editor.

The sample dial above uses the default settings for appearances. You can also change the appearance of the dial and the individual series using the Appearance Settings editor.

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