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Map Dial

Version: DashboardsClassic  

Explains how to create a map dial using Discovery Classic

The map dial visualizes a metric based on a geographic dimension such as country, state, county, city or zip/postal code. For example, the following shows a heat map of sales across the United States.

Example of a Revenue Heat Map

To create a heat map:

  1. Click Edit In Place  (or open the Visual Designer if you prefer).

  2. Expand the Data Components section (in left pane) and browse for the metric on which to create the dial. For example, select Sales.

  3. Drag and drop the metric on to the dashboard. The Create New... dialog appears.

    Select a Map Dial
  4. Click the Map Dial template and enter Sales Heat Map for the name.

  5. Choose to save the dial to your Personal Dials folder (this is the default).

  6. Click Create. A map dial without data is displayed in the dashboard.

To define data and breakdown:

  1. With the Map selected, click Map Settings from the Editors section (in left pane).

    Map Settings Editor

The Member-Feature panel below the settings dynamically changes based on your selections. This panel represents the mappings of dimensional members based on the selected breakdown. Any unmapped members are indicated below the panel.

  1. Choose USA for the map.

  2. Choose Sales as the metric.

  3. Choose Location for the breakdown.

  4. Change the series color.

  5. Keep the remaining defaults.

  6. In the right pane, above the map, select to display metric zones or labels.

  7. Click Apply.

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