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Expenses by Level Column Chart

Version: DashboardsClassic 

Explains how to show expenses by level in a Discovery Classic column chart

To show expenses by level in a column chart:

  1. Click Dials   in the Component Library.

  2. Expand the Starter Dials folder.

  3. Mouse over the Expenses by Level Column Chart dial and click the small button that appears on the right side of the menu.

  4. Click Copy dial to common folder. After an approval prompt, the Add item to company folder dialog appears.

  5. Select your company folder, name the dial Expenses by Level, and click Add.

  6. Expand the company dials folder.

  7. Click and drag the Expenses by Level Column Chart to the location on the dash­board where you want to place it. If you are working in the Visual Designer, you can just click it to open it.

  8. Click Data Settings in the Editors menu.

  9. Click the check box next to Actual.

  10. Select whichever account you want the dial to display from the Account drop-down.
    You can select any account available in your model: just drill into the account or metrics tree using the plus icons.

  11. Customize the Name and Abbreviation of the account if you want.

  12. By default, the chart’s Y axis is set to primary, which means that the money amounts are on the left of the chart. If you would prefer them to be on the right, select Secondary from the Series Y Axis drop-down menu.

  13. Experiment with the Break down data by and Category Dimension drop-down menus to find a useful way to display the data (in the elearning module, Break down data by is set to Category Dimension and Category Dimension is set to Department in the end).

  14. To customize the appearance of the Actuals data, click Appearance, select Line from the left Display Type drop-down menu, select Triangle from the left Marker Style drop-down menu, and select whatever color you would like from the left Color drop-down menu (in the elearning module, Chartreuse is used).

  15. Customize the appearance of the Plan data by selecting Column from the right Dis­play Type drop-down menu, None from the right Marker Style drop-down menu, and whatever color you would like from the right Color drop-down menu (in the elearning module, CadetBlue is used).

  16. Click Apply, then Close. The completed dial:

Expense by Level Column Chart

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