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Bar Chart

Version: DashboardsClassic  

Explains how to create a bar chart using Discovery Classic

To create a bar chart like the one shown below:

Example of a Bar Chart

  1. Click Edit In Place  (or open the Visual Designer if you prefer).

  2. Expand the Component Library (edit in place only) by clicking Expand   .

  3. Click Dials in the Component Library.

  4. Expand your Personal Dials folder.

  5. Drag Create New Dial onto your dashboard.
    The Create New Dial dialog appears.

  6. Click the Area Chart template and enter Expenses vs Budget by Department as the dial’s name.

Note: Special characters, like most punctuation marks, are not allowed, so be sure to use vs and not vs. when entering the name.

  1. Click Create.
    The new dial appears in your folder.

  2. Click the name of the dial and drag it to the location where you want it to appear (if you are using the Visual Designer, you can just click to open it in the editing area).

  3. Click Data Settings in the Editors menu.

  4. Check both Enable check boxes.

  5. Enter the settings shown below:

Bar Chart Data Settings

  1. In the Account drop-down menu, select the Expenses account. From the Category Dimension menu, select Total Company.
  2. Click Apply.

  3. Click Close.

  4. Click Aspect Ratio in the Editors menu.

  5. Click 2x1.

  6. Click Apply.

  7. Click Close.

You’re done! Your dial appears on the dashboard.

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