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Use Components Created by Others

Version: DashboardsClassic

When you first get started using Dashboards, you’ll find a few starter components ready to use and ready to customize to make it easier to dive right in and start using the advanced capabilities. As you and your coworkers begin creating components, you may find more components available to you in the Company folder or shared directly with you by others.

Use Shared Components

When another user shares a component with you, a folder named Shared appears with your other folders (Personal, Company, and Starter). You can then add components to your own perspectives, dashboards, and ribbons.

Keep in mind that shared components can be edited by the person who created them. If you place a shared dial created by someone else on your dashboard, for example, and they make changes to it, you see the changes on your dashboard.

If you want to keep a shared component exactly as it is, copy it to your personal folder and then use it from there.

Use Company Components

Company components are available to you in a special folder, named after your company, in the Components menu. These components can only be created and edited by users with the Edit Company Discovery Dashboard permission.

You can add company components to your perspectives, dashboards, and ribbons as you would any other component.

If you like a company component but want to edit it for your own use, save a copy of it to your personal folder (use the Copy to personal folder option in the Actions menu) and edit the copy.

Use Starter Components

A starter perspective containing one dashboard, which holds three rows of dials, has already been created for you. The dials contained in this dashboard are:

  • Expense Line Graph: A line graph showing data from the PL Expense accounts.

  • Expenses by Level Column Chart: A column chart showing the expenses for each level.

  • Expenses by Level Pie Chart: A pie chart showing the portion of total expenses made up by each level.

  • Net Income Line Graph: A line graph showing data from the Net Income account.

  • P&L Scorecard: A scorecard comparing profits and losses based on the PL Income, Non-Operating Income, PL COGS, PL Expense, Non-Operating Expenses, and Net Income accounts.

See Using Starter Dials to Create Charts for information on customizing the starter components for your own or for company use,

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