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Version: DashboardsClassic

You can take a snapshot of any of your dashboards or dials as they appear right now. For a dashboard snapshot, click Options   in the upper right and select Dash­board Snapshot. The dashboard snapshot is sized so the entire dashboard fits on a sin­gle page that can easily be sent off to a printer or shared via email. For a snapshot of a dial, hover your mouse over the dial’s Action button and select Dial Snapshot from the drop-down menu.

These actions both open the Snapshot Manager, which lets you take a snapshot right now; save it as HTML or PDF; download it as a Word or Excel document, or in HTML or PDF; send it via email; and schedule it to run on a regular basis.

Available Options

The tabs for the Run Snapshot, Download as, Send via Email, and Manage Schedules dialogs overlap to some extent.The following is a list of the tabs in these dialogs and their various options:

Settings Tab

  • Output Format: Select the format you want to use.
  • Display Options: Select which elements of the dial or dashboard should be visi­ble in the snapshot.
  • Orientation: Check the box to print in landscape mode. Leaving the box unchecked defaults to portrait mode.
  • Page Size: Select the page size.

Parameters Tab

The options here depend on the dimensions and other elements represented in the snapshot or dial. Use the drop-down menus to configure the parameters you want to use for the snapshot.

Recipients Tab

Select the individuals you want to receive the snapshot by clicking one to highlight it, then clicking Add Selected. Use CTRL+click to select multiple options. To remove a recipient, mouse over it to highlight it, then click the small red delete button that appears in its row.

Schedule Tab

  • Schedule: Use this drop-down menu to select a previously-created schedule, or click + to create a new one.
  • Name: Give your schedule a name.
  • Run: Select how frequently the schedule should run.
  • Days of Schedule Day of Month: Select the days of the week or day of the month you want the schedule to run.
  • Time: Select the time you want the schedule to run (all times are GMT).
  • Time Zone: Set the time zone for this snapshot (this is usually the time zone where you are).
  • Period: This defaults to the period the dial or dashboard is currently showing. If you want to change the period used for the scheduled snapshots, you can do so with this drop-down menu.
  • Active: Check the box to activate the schedule, or unchecked it to deactivate it but save it for future use.
  • >Delete: Delete the schedule.
  • Save: Save your changes.
  • Close: Close the window.

Media Panel

The Media Panel is where you access previously-saved snapshots and manage sched­uled snapshots. It opens on the right side of the screen. Look for the double-arrow button and click it to expand or collapse the panel.

The panel consists of a list of folders, organizing your snapshots by type. You can search for a particular snapshot by entering a keyword in the search box at the top of the panel and clicking the magnifying glass button.

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