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Import Perspectives into the New User Interface

You can import perspectives from the classic user interface to the new user interface at anytime. You can:

  • Use the Import Perspectives tool to import classic perspectives. The import iterates through each dashboard and chart in the perspective and moves them to the new user interface. The import dialog provides details of the conversion. Unsupported classic charts and settings are not imported. 
  • Import perspectives many times. Each import creates a copy of the perspective in the new user interface. Importing does not change the original, classic perspective.
  • Check imported charts in the new user interface to make they visualize data as expected.  
  • Hide or Show the Import Perspectives tool from admin settings.

Imported perspectives, dashboards, and charts are not shared. You choose when to switch your viewers and collaborators from the classic to the new Dashboards experience.

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You must have access to both the classic and new Dashboards user interfaces.The navigation menu will look like:

Navigation Menu with Links to Discovery New User Interface and Discovery Classic User Interface

If you do not have access to Dashboards, but think you should – contact the admin for your instance and request permission. 

Import Classic Perspectives to the New User Interface

You can import classic perspectives from the new user interface.

Import Perspective link in the Discovery New User Interface

  1. In the perspective overview, click Import Perspectives to start the import.
  2. Choose the perspectives to import from the list and click Import icon.

Perspectives Selected for Import

You can import many perspective at a time. The import process displays a dialog with details of the import process.

  1. Click X in upper right to close this dialog. You are taken to Perspective Overview page of the new user interface. Here you will find the imported perspectives in your personal folder.

Check Imported Charts in the New User Interface

Before sharing a perspective with others, check the charts in the perspective. Verify that they imported as expected. You can edit the chart or re-import perspective. You can review import messages on any chart with unsupported settings. The following is a perspective with a chart that has import messages:

Exclamation Icon on an Imported Chart to View Import Messages

  1. Navigate to the imported perspective and browse each dashboard.
  2. Review each imported chart. Hover your mouse over the chart and click ImportantIcon.png to review import messages. Only charts with import messages will have this icon.

You can view Import Messages from either Grid mode or Edit mode. 

  1. Hide the import message from a chart. Check Don't show this again and click OK. The icon is hidden from the chart.
  2. Share the perspective when you are ready.

Hide or Show the Import Perspective Tool

If you are the admin for your instance, you can hide or show the Import Perspectives tool any time. Go to Administration > System > Discovery Preferences to change this setting. Turning off the Import Perspectives tool will hide the Import Messages icon from charts.

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