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Translation Of Report Tabs For Templates

This article includes suggestions and workarounds. Content may not be accurate for all use cases or represent best practices for the latest release.


What are the translations for the "Report Data" and "Report Info" tabs for languages supported in Adaptive?


Templates are specific to the locale in which they are created. If you have users who use Adaptive Insights in other locales, i.e. French, German, Japanese, Spanish, etc. you might have to create templates that are locale specific or ask your users to switch their browser language to the English locale.

Below you can find translations for the "Report Data" and "Report Info" tabs in all languages that we currently support.


  • Report Data - Datos de informe
  • Report Info - Información de informe




  • Report Data - Données du rapport
  • Report Info - Informations sur le rappo



  • Report Data - レポート データ
  • Report Info - レポート情報



  • Report Data - Dados de Relatório
  • Report Info -  Informações de Relatório



  • Report Data - Berichtsdaten
  • Report Info - Berichtsinformationen



  • Report Data - Данные в отчете
  • Report Info - Информация об отчете



  • Report Data - Dane raportu
  • Report Info - Informacje o raporcie



  • Report Data - Rapport Data
  • Report Info - Rapport Info

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