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Linking An Excel File In A Report Book To A Report In The Report Book


Is it possible to link an Excel file in a Report Book to a Report in the Report Book?


It is possible to link a report, or multiple reports, to a single file in a Report Book. If the Excel file that the template is linked to is saved to the computer (outside of the zipfile) you can then update the links in the template. Using this approach, any user would be able to have the template updated when running the report from different computers. Here are the steps to link the files.

  1. Create a Report (Report A)
  2. Create an Excel file (File B) with custom formatting and upload to AP Reports
  3. Add Report A and File B to a report book
  4. Run the Report book and open File B and Report A
  5. Link File B to Report A and Save File B to computer
  6. Replace File B in Adaptive Insights with the newly saved File B that includes links to Report A (Right click on the file name in the report menu and select Replace)
  7. Run the Report Book
  8. Open Report A and save to Computer (This can replace an already existing file or be saved as a new file)
  9. Open File B - If you see a Security Warning that states "Automatic update of links has been disabled, click Options> Enable this Content> Edit Links> Change Source> Select the newly saved Report A. If you do not see the Security Warning, go to Data> Edit Links Change Source> Select the newly saved Report A

After taking these steps, File B in the zipfile should be updated with data from Report A. Since the user will save Report A to the computer, these steps can be taken from any computer. Please see the attached screencast for a reference.

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