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Linking to Excel Workbooks within OfficeConnect

This article includes suggestions and workarounds. Content may not be accurate for all use cases or represent best practices for the latest release.  


How can I link to an excel file within an OfficeConnect Report?


There are currently two ways to do this:

First option (temporarily open the OfficeConnect report as an excel file):

1. Open the OfficeConnect file in native Excel by opening Microsoft Excel, then clicking File > Open and choose your OfficeConnect report.

(Please note: this option should not be used for copying OfficeConnect worksheets. Please leverage the merge functionality to copy OfficeConnect worksheets between workbooks. Copying OfficeConnect worksheets in Excel will result in the copied worksheets no longer being linked to Adaptive.)

2. Say "Yes" to the below prompt: 

aoc prompt.jpg

3. Open the excel file that you would like to link to the report. From here you can more easily link the two files.

4. Save the OfficeConnect report (which should still have its ".xlsxai" extension).

5. Re-open the report in OfficeConnect and the excel links will remain.

Second option (manually entered link):

Open the file in Adaptive OfficeConnect and manually create the link (you must enter the correct syntax as well as know the location of the excel file). See the below image in the formula bar for an example of this.

AOC link.jpg