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Update Links with New Data

By now you’ve linked a source table or chart from OfficeConnect for Excel to its target location in OfficeConnect for PowerPoint. Anytime the source data in OfficeConnect for Excel is updated, you can update the linked data in OfficeConnect for PowerPoint by simply refreshing the presentation. 

This quick update step becomes especially powerful if you use relative dates in your OfficeConnect report in Excel. All you have to do is change the report date, refresh, and your report data updates for a new month, quarter, or other period. This includes the data in your linked tables and graphs. In OfficeConnect for PowerPoint, just refresh the presentation, and the new period’s report is ready to go.

To update linked tables and graphs in PowerPoint:

  1. In OfficeConnect for PowerPoint, open the presentation that contains the tables or graphs linked from the changed OfficeConnect for Excel report.

  2. On the OfficeConnect tab, in the Linking group, click Refresh All.
    Any of your tables and charts throughout the presentation that are linked to that report are updated for the new time period.

See Using Absolute and Relative Dates for more information about relative dates and the report date.

If you move, copy, or rename the OfficeConnect for Excel file that’s linked to your OfficeConnect for PowerPoint presentation, you can quickly change the source so the report and presentation can be linked again.

To update source filenames or locations for PowerPoint links:

  1.  In OfficeConnect for PowerPoint, open the presentation containing the links.

  2.  On the File tab, click Info.
    The Info command is the default, so it’s probably already showing.

  3.  Near the lower-right corner of the Info screen, click Edit Links to Files.

  1. In the Links dialog box, click the first link you want to update.

    To see the full path and filename, rest your mouse pointer over the link.

  2. Click Change Source.
    The Change Source dialog box opens, and you can navigate to the report file in its new location, name, or copy. 

  3. Double-click theOfficeConnect for Excel report file with which you want to restore the link.
    The link is updated to the new source, and the Links dialog box appears again.

  1. When finished, in the Links dialog box, click Update Now.
    The data from the new OfficeConnect for Excel report is updated in your linked tables and charts in this new OfficeConnect for PowerPoint presentation.

  2.  Click Close.

Now that your links are updated to the changed report file, go to the slides that contain the linked data. Confirm that they are updated for the new period. Save the presentation.

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