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OfficeConnect for PowerPoint Overview

Start OfficeConnect for PowerPoint

You can link tables and charts you created with Adaptive Planning data in OfficeConnect for Excel into slides for a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation to the board of directors or executive management. Because of the linking from OfficeConnect for Excel, you can easily update the linked tables and charts in your presentation. You can change the dates in a report and quickly update the links in the presentation, which saves time when preparing periodic reports.

In this section, you’ll start up OfficeConnect for PowerPoint, link tables and charts from OfficeConnect for Excel in PowerPoint slides, update the existing presentation with new data, and update a presentation for the next period based on the previous links.

As soon as you install OfficeConnect, the OfficeConnect for PowerPoint add-in becomes available to you.

To start up OfficeConnect for PowerPoint: 

  1. From the Windows Start menu or from OfficeConnect folder in the Start menu, click OfficeConnect for PowerPoint.
    Note that if you start up PowerPoint independently, the OfficeConnect tab is not available.

  1. Log in with your username and password.
    Each time you log in, OfficeConnect checks for the most recent version and updates the application as necessary.
    When the installation has completed successfully, OfficeConnect starts up in PowerPoint, which includes the OfficeConnect tab on the PowerPoint ribbon.

The OfficeConnect tab in PowerPoint includes just a few commands, but these provide what you need to link tables and charts into your presentations. All PowerPoint functionality is the same throughout all its tabs. When finished with OfficeConnect and PowerPoint, click the Close (X) button in PowerPoint. 

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