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Refresh Linked Data

When data from your Adaptive instance updates the OfficeConnect for Excel workbook that’s connected to your OfficeConnect for Word document, you need to refresh your document to ensure it shows the latest data. Likewise, you or other users might change the Excel workbook, for example, by adding a named range, changing table formatting, or adding a series of formulas to the data. To ensure those changes are reflected in any data you’ve brought into your Word document, you need to refresh.

Your document is not automatically refreshed when you close and open it again. You need to explicitly give the Refresh command, and specify which types of data you want refreshed.

To refresh the named ranges available from the connected file:

  1.  In the {{{oc}} links pane, click the Workbook Links tab.

  2. Right-click the name of the Excel file you want to refresh, and then click Refresh Source.
    The Excel file is refreshed, and any new named ranges are added to the list.

To refresh tables or paragraphs in your document: 

  1.  On the OfficeConnect tab, in the External Data group, click the arrow under the Refresh command to show the submenu.

  2. Click Refresh Tables if you want linked tables to be refreshed.
    Click Refresh Paragraphs if you want linked values and text in paragraphs to be refreshed.
    If you have unsaved changes in your document, you are prompted to save them. Then OfficeConnect refreshes the data type you specified from the connected Excel workbook. The Manage Links dialog box appears to show which links were refreshed. The Date Last Updated field shows the current date and time, and the Status field should indicate Success.

To refresh only selected links in your document: 

  1. On the OfficeConnect tab, in the External Data group, click Manage Links to open the Manage Links dialog box.
    The Date Last Updated column indicates the date and time when this link was last refreshed.

  2. Select the check box next to the links you want to refresh.

  3. Above the table, near the top of the dialog box, click Refresh.
    If applicable, you might see an alert message that indicates you have other links in this document that point to the same source file. Click Yes or No to specify whether you want to update all the links that point to that source file.
    If your document file has any unsaved changes, you are prompted to save the file before it can be refreshed. Click Yes or No.
    The file is refreshed, and any highlighting you might have applied is cleared.

  4.  Click Close.

If you just need to refresh one individual link, in the OfficeConnect links pane, click the Workbook Links tab, right-click the named range for the link, and then click Refresh Source

Note:  To quickly reapply your highlighting after refreshing a link, on the OfficeConnect tab, in the Show Links group, click Refresh Results. The last highlight setting you applied is applied again.

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