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Connect OfficeConnect Excel and Word Files

After you’ve created a named range for the OfficeConnect for Excel data you want to use in your Word document, you’re ready to establish the connection between the OfficeConnect for Excel workbook and the Word document. Note that you can also connect the OfficeConnect for Word document with named ranges in a regular Excel file.

Before You Begin

To keep the formatting of your Excel data so that it displays as expected in Word, be sure to use supported fonts in Excel: 

  • Supported Font Sizes: All font sizes should be either 10 pt or 12 pt only. 
  • Supported Font Types: All font types should be either Times New Roman, Ariel, Courier New only.

Link to Excel

  1.  In OfficeConnect for Word, open the Word document you want to connect with the OfficeConnect for Excel workbook.
    This can be a new or existing Word document.

  2.  On the OfficeConnect tab, in the External Data group, click Link to Workbook.
    The Open workbook dialog box appears.

  3. Navigate to the location of the OfficeConnect for Excel workbook that contains the named ranges you want to link with.
    Remember that OfficeConnect for Excel workbooks have a filename extension of xlsxai, while regular Excel workbooks have a filename extension of xlsx.

  4. Double-click the file name.
    If you select an OfficeConnect for Excel workbook that doesn’t have any named ranges defined, an alert appears and prompts you to open the source file and create the named ranges.

    When you select an Excel workbook that contains named ranges, the workbook is successfully connected with the Word document. The name of the workbook and a list of its named ranges appears in the OfficeConnect links pane on the Workbook Links tab.

Whenever you close and reopen an OfficeConnectt for Word file, any linked tables and data are intact as you saved them. However, if you want to work with the named ranges from the source file, you need to connect to the source files again by repeating steps. For more details, see Managing Links and Their Sources.

Link Multiple Excel Workbooks to Word

You can link multiple Excel workbooks to a single Word file.

Repeat the steps above. The name of the linked Excel workbooks appear on the Workbook Links tab of the OfficeConnect links pane. Under each workbook name are the tab names, table links, and single links.

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