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OfficeConnect for Word Overview

You can link data from OfficeConnect for Excel into a Microsoft Word document. If you link a table in Word, it can look exactly as it does in Excel without your needing to reformat. The data is fully linked. This can save you time when creating periodic reports to the board of directors, stockholders, or executive management.

In addition to numeric data, you can even automatically update linked qualitative words in a narrative, such as “increased” or “favorable.” Because of the linking from OfficeConnect for Excel, you can quickly update the linked data in a document that you might re-use in succeeding periodic reports.

You will learn how to navigate OfficeConnect for Word, create named ranges for the Excel data you want to link, and link information from OfficeConnect for Excel into the Word document. You’ll learn how to review, refresh, and manage your links. You’ll also learn how to update an existing linked document with new data for the next reporting period.

Start OfficeConnect for Word

OfficeConnect for Word add-in becomes available as soon as you install OfficeConnect.

To start up OfficeConnect for Word:

  1. From the Start screen (Windows 8.1 or later) or from the AdaptiveConnect folder from the Start menu (Windows 7), click OfficeConnect for Word.
    If you start up Word, the OfficeConnect tab is not available. These controls only appear when you open the program by using the OfficeConnect for Word icon or command.

  2. Enter your Adaptive Insights user ID and password.
    Each time you log in, OfficeConnect checks for the most recent version and updates the application as necessary.
    OfficeConnect for Word starts up, and shows the OfficeConnect links pane on the left and the OfficeConnect tab on the Word ribbon.

Navigating the User Interface

The following provides an overview of the OfficeConnect for Word interface:

The OfficeConnect links pane includes the Link Detail , Show Results, and Workbook Links tabs you use to create and work with linked data in OfficeConnect for Excel. Like OfficeConnect for Excel, you can show or hide the OfficeConnect links pane. To do this, on the OfficeConnect tab, select or clear the Show links pane check box. You can also move the OfficeConnect links pane elsewhere on your screen by dragging its title bar.

The OfficeConnect tab on the Word ribbon includes commands for establishing the connection to your OfficeConnect for Excel workbook and for refreshing and managing the links in your Word document. All Word functionality is the same throughout all its tabs.

When you finish working with OfficeConnect for Word, click the Close (X) button.

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