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Add Element Labels to Reports

Explains how to add element labels to OfficeConnect reports.

After adding queries to your report,associated labels become available (see the following).

Add This Query And This Label Becomes Available With This Label Type Value
Organization Organization Structure {Organization Structure Name}
Version Version {Version Name}
Custom Dimension Dimension. For example, Customer or Product {Dimension Name}
For example, {Customer Name} or {Product Name}
Currencies Currency {Currency Code}}, {Currency Name}

To add a label for the organization, version, or dimension:

  1. Select a blank row or cell, preferably near the column query headings.
  2. From the OfficeConnect tab > Design group, click Labels.The Label Definition dialog box appears.

    In the Label Types box, notice that the label types are now available for the organization, version, or dimension queries you’ve added to your report. These label types becomes available only after you add those specific query elements to your report.
  3. In the Label Types box, click the name of the label type you want to use. For example, Organization Structure or Version.
  4. In the Label Type Values box, click the label value you want to add to your report. For example, {Organization Structure Name} or {Version Name}.
  5. Click Add Expression and click OK.
    The label reflecting your new query now appears in the selected row or cell. See Adding an Adaptive Label to a Report for more information.

When you add, change, or remove query elements, any associated labels are also changed or removed as soon as you refresh the report.

See Adding, Changing, or Removing a Query for more information about changing or deleting query elements.

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