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Report Label Types

Introduces you to the different types of OfficeConnect report labels.

You can set up Adaptive labels to update automatically to reflect changes in your report. These labels save you time when you use relative calendars or other components that can change in your report. With Adaptive labels, if you change any report variables, all you have to do is refresh the data and your labels update at the same time.

Label types include:

  • Relative date information
  • Date and time stamps
  • Rounding information
  • Accounts
  • Organization structure
  • Versions
  • Currencies
  • Attributes
  • Dimensions
  • Contexts

The label types available are based on the Adaptive Planning elements and other items you apply in your report. For example, you only see a label for dimensions after you’ve applied a dimension to your report.

You can also add static text to your Adaptive label definition if needed.

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