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Define Report Labels

Explains how to define a label in OfficeConnect reports.

You can define a label useful for your report.

To define an Adaptive label:

  1. Select a row, column, cell, or select many cells to which you will add the label.
    A label applied to a row only affects columns with applied elements.
  2. Click Label from OfficeConnect tab > Design group.
  3. In the Label Types box, click the type of label to add to your report.
    The values for the selected label type appear in the Label Types Values box:

  1. In the Label Type Values box, click the label value.
    Use the Shift or Ctrl key to select many values. For example, if you want a label to be the Book Name followed by the Book Description, or you want to show the Refresh Date followed by the Refresh Time.
  2. Click Add Expression.
    The selected value appears in the Label Expression box.
  3. In the Label Expression box, type any static text you want to show before or after the selected dynamic values.
    For example, if you’re setting up a label to show the report date, type Report Date before the value to provide context.
  4. Click OK.
    The Label Definitions dialog box is saved and dismissed. The report doesn't show your newly defined label yet.
  5. Click Refresh from OfficeConnect tab > Design group.
    OfficeConnect refreshes your report and the label appears in the report as defined.

Note: If a label does not appear or update when you refresh the report, select the affected cells, right-click the selection. Click Clear Contents from the shortcut menu. Refresh the report and the label should appear.

Anytime the variable components in your report changes, the labels you’ve defined change along with them. When you refresh the report, your labels update along with the data as specified.

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