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Explore the Contents of Cells

Explains how to use Cell Explorer with OfficeConnect.

Cell Explorer lets you explore the contents of cell that was populated from your {{app} data source. You can view cell details, such as how the value is calculated, contributing time, rollups, level and account information, audit trial, and drill-down into rollups and other associations.

The following is an example of the Cell Explorer view of a cell:

Example of the Cel Explorer in OfficeConnect

You can explore a cell when the intersection meets the following criteria:

  • At minimum, an account, version, level, and time
  • At most, a single value for each defined element type:
    • Account
    • Time: Only one time period is allowed, such as one month, one quarter, one year.
    • Level
    • Customer dimension: More than one dimension value is allowed, but must be from different custom dimension types.

To explore a cell:

Select a cell that meets the intersection criteria and click Explore Cell from the OfficeConnect tab or from the context menu. This option is active only if you select a valid cell.

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