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User Settings Fields

Defines each field of the User Settings in OfficeConnect reports.

Learn more about User Settings and Workbook Properties and link to action-related instructions. 

Setting Field Definition Can be Overridden?

General Tab

Round to

Tells reports to  round numbers to the nearest:

  • Hundreds
  • (Default) Thousands
  • Ten Thousands
  • Hundred Thousands
  • Millions
  • Ten Millions
  • Hundred Millions
  • Billions
  • No Rounding: display the exact numbers
Yes, by Workbook and Selection Properties
Show zero in cells with no data

Tells report how to display cells with no data: 

  • Select to show zeros where no data exists.
  • Uncheck to show blanks where no data exists.

Default: Selected

Yes, by Workbook Properties
Security block result text

Tells report what to display in place of the data.

When you save the workbook, you'll have the option to "clear data". If you select Yes, the data displays what you enter here until the viewer logs in and clicks Refresh.

Default: "n/a"

Show refresh errors

Select and you get list of current errors referencing relevant cells when you click Refresh.

Default: selected.

Show refresh warnings

Select  and you'll get a list of warnings  with references to the report every time you click Refresh.

Default: selected.

Show refresh informational messages

Select and you'll get a list of informational messages every time you click Refresh

Default: selected.


Colors Tab

Elements Highlights cell data from element intersections.  No
Labels Highlights Adaptive Suite labels. No
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