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Highlight Adaptive Cells and Labels

Explains how to highlight cells with Adaptive data in OfficeConnect reports.

Activate the Adaptive Cells AOCAdaptiveCells.png button in the OfficeConnect tab ribbon to highlight data and labels from Adaptive Planning. By default, the activated button highlights cells containing Adaptive data in blue, and Adaptive labels in green. To turn the highlighting off, on the OfficeConnect tab, click Adaptive Cells again.

Change Highlight Colors 

  1. Click User Settings.

  2. Click the Colors tab.

  3. Click the dropdown under Elements to pick a different color for the Adaptive Planning data cells and click the dropdown under Lables to pick a different color for the cells with Adaptive Planning labels.

  4. Click OK for each. 

  5. Click OK again. 

Other users see Adaptive Cell colors how they define it in their User Settings. 

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