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OfficeConnect Tab in the Excel Ribbon

Describes each button of the OfficeConnect tab in the Excel ribbon with links to the how-to articles.

The OfficeConnect tab appears in the Excel ribbon after you have installed  OfficeConnect.  This page explains the toolbar's buttons and their functions.   

OfficeConnect Tab in the Excel Ribbon

OfficeConnect Buttons

Recent Files Recent: Drop-down list of recent OfficeConnect files you have opened. Click one to open it.
Workbook Properties Workbook Properties: Set the defaults and properties for the entire workbook, including filters, rounding, relative time, currency, and default displays. See Workbook Properties.
User Settings User Settings: Set your personal defaults for any new reports you create or open.  See User Settings.
Labels Labels: Add, edit, or delete labels in selected cells of your OfficeConnect report.
Label Suppression Suppress Labels: Suppress your labels to see the actual elements on your OfficeConnect report.
Selection Properties Selection Properties: Change the properties of selected columns, rows, or cells.  See Selection Properties.

Refresh: Populates the worksheet with the most current Adaptive data.

Drop-down options: 

  • Current Selection: Refreshes only the selected columns, rows, and cells. Great option for large reports to speed up refresh time.
  • Selected Sheets (default): Refreshes the active sheet of the workbook. If you just click the button without accessing the drop-down, this is the default refresh.
  • All Sheets: Refreshes all the sheets of the workbook.
Clear Data Clear Data: Hides the data temporarily. The text you enter in the Security block result text of your User Settings replaces the Adaptive data until you or another user refreshes the report. See Secure OfficeConnect Files.

Show Toggles

Show Preferences

Select what you want to see on the interface and clear what you want to hide.

  • Builder: Show or hide the Reporting pane.
  • Review: If you select Builder, choose to show or hide the Review tab in the Reporting pane.
  • Filters: If you select Builder, choose to show or hide the filter tab in the Reporting pane.
Hide Zeros and Blanks Hide Zeros and Blanks: Toggle to hide or show zeros and blanks according to the settings in your User Settings, Workbook Properties, and Selection Properties. See Manage Zeros and Blanks.
Highlight Adaptive Cells Adaptive Cells: Toggle to highlight Adaptive cells and labels according to your User Settings. See Highlight Adaptive Cells and Labels.
Cell Explorer Explore Cell: Open Adaptive Cell Explorer so you can see the roots of the data in a cell, including the accounts, the original values entered per time period, and the sheets where that value is viewed and updated. See Explore the Contents of Cells.
Worksheet Filters Worksheet Filters: Set the filters for the worksheet.  See Add Elements to Report Filters.
Repeating Reports Repeating Reports: Build repeating reports with the elements in this report. See Use Repeating Reports.
Find or Find and Replace Find: Use keywords to find elements in the report or replace elements. See Find and Replace Elements in Reports.
Cut Copy and Paste Cut, copy and paste elements and related data into different columns, rows, or cells. See Change or Move Elements on Reports.
Help Icon

Choose from the drop-down:

  • Online Help: link to contextual help articles, like this one.
  • Check for Update: see if you need to update your version of OfficeConnect.
  • About check your current version. Check out the version history to make sure you're using the latest version.


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