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Adaptive Live 17 Day 2

Adaptive Live 2017 - Day 2: Thursday, June 1 Session Presentations

Welcome. Here you will find below the Adaptive Live 2017 session presentations held on Thursday, June 1. Most presentations are available for viewing. They are listed in alphabetic order by title. Use the search bar above to search by keyword, topic or speaker.

Session Description Presenters
Adaptive Live, Day 2 Session Schedule Overview of the Adaptive Live 2017 session presentations for June 1. Please use this as guide to find sessions. n/a
Advanced Web Reporting: The Hidden Power Once you’ve got the basics of Adaptive Planning down, there’s an even deeper level of powerful features lying just below the surface of the deceptively simple report builders. Learn about the new custom display expression feature and new formatting modes, as well as best practices for building faster reports, adding selectable parameters, building in-report calculations, and using conditional formatting to build scorecard-like columns. We’ll cover report annotations, report snapshots, and more! Alice Coyne, Adaptive Insights
Balance Sheets, Cash Flow, and Forecasts: The Three Statements Session Learn how to extend your existing Adaptive Insights planning model to build balance sheet, cash flow and forecast reports. During this session, we’ll show you how linking your models with these three key statements can help you simulate the impact of business decisions on key financial metrics, ratios, and cash position, as well as streamline reporting to investors and stakeholders. Keith Anglin, Adaptive Insights
John Stanovich, Adaptive Insights
Building Driver-Based Revenue Models: Benefits and Best Practices Given increased business volatility and management focus on sustainable growth, accurate revenue prediction is becoming increasingly critical for organizations. In this session, we’ll explore how customers are building revenue models in Adaptive Insights and deploying key best practices. We’ll also discuss the business benefits they’ve realized from robust driver-based revenue planning.

Tony Acosta, Adaptive Insights
Tony Wright, Adaptive Insights
Raj Amin, PLEX Systems, Inc.

Don’t Get Left Behind: 5 Career Skills You Should be Developing Today The career path for finance professionals is changing. Join us for a panel of finance leaders who will discuss career skills you’ll need to strengthen to thrive and grow in fast-changing business environments. Tom Peff, Adaptive Insights
Evolve Personnel Planning Processes to Improve Business Agility and Collaboration Discover the many ways you can plan personnel-related expenses. You’ll learn best practices for workforce planning and how to model your specific requirements in the Adaptive Planning. We’ll also explore how you can evolve your personnel planning processes and maintain and update personnel models. Linda Hull, Adaptive Insights
Gloria Kwan, EPCOR Utilities Inc.
Expanding the Reach of Your Data: Optimizing Reporting and Visualization In this session, you’ll learn how to leverage the reporting and visualization capabilities within Adaptive Planning and Adaptive Discovery. We’ll show you how to optimize the delivery of actionable information to multiple audiences, such as your board, managers, and executives, and enable data driven decision-making. Amanda Merchant, Adaptive Insights
Raj Janakarajan, Adaptive Insights
Steven Ruff, Bank of Canada
Harnessing Business Drivers and Rolling Forecasts for Better Business Insights Join this session to learn how customers are using driver-based forecasts to improve the accuracy of their plans and deliver more relevant insights to their business stakeholders. You’ll get a comprehensive overview  of how to use formulas and custom accounts to create robust, driver-based planning models in Adaptive Insights. Christina Lau
Kerman Lau
Dave Wachsmuth, Nautilus
Martin Hogan, Creation Technologies

How’s Your Company Doing? Introduction to KPIs and Benchmarking
Join us for a discussion of the role of KPIs and benchmarks in your active planning and performance management processes.
We’ll discuss key KPIs and metrics that are important across all industries as well as industry-specific benchmarks.
We’ll also examine how critical metrics, operational ratios, and key benchmarks change as a company advances through different
stages of growth. Finally, we’ll explore how benchmarking helps companies stay on track and gives investors the metrics they need.
Lauren Kelley, OPEXEngine
Implementing Multidimensional Planning and Analysis Give your budget more detail and flexibility by introducing multidimensional modeling. In this session, you’ll learn how to use dimensions for planning and reporting by additional segments such as products or customers, as well as how to use attributes to group and identify your data elements in useful ways. Explore best practices for implementing and leveraging multidimensional models throughout the Adaptive Suite. Juan Maldonado, Adaptive Insights
James Sontag, Adaptive Insights
Industry Insights: KPIs and Benchmarking for Software Businesses Join us for a discussion of best practices for using benchmarks from other SaaS businesses in your active planning process. We’ll show you how critical SaaS metrics and operational ratios change as a company advances through different stages of growth. We’ll cover key metrics such as sales and marketing spend, customer lifetime value (CLV), customer acquisition cost (CAC), churn, and renewal rates, and discuss how these benchmarks are used in planning and forecasting. Tom Peff, Adaptive Insights
It’s About Time: The New Calendar Management Capability in the Adaptive Suite  The Adaptive Suite uses time to define the start and end of a version , set the columns visible in standard sheets, create report elements, restrict import ranges, establish integration parameters, and much more. In this session, we’ll look at a new capability in the Adaptive Suite’s spring 2017 release: a configurable custom calendar with the flexibility to accommodate your specific business processes. Join us to learn the basics of calendar management, common use cases, and how to avoid common pitfalls. Nate Skelton, Adaptive Insights
It’s a Great time to be in Finance: The Evolving CFO Role Join Jim Johnson, CFO of Adaptive Insights, to learn how the role of today’s CFO is shifting and what you need to know to be a finance leader of tomorrow.  Jim Johnson, Adaptive Insights
Kerman Lau, Adaptive Insights
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