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Remove all user edits in a version


I'm performing maintenance in my model and would like to remove all existing user edits. The only way to do this that I'm aware of is to go to the Formulas tab, and for each account, highlight all levels and click the "remove user edits" button. My model has many accounts, so this process could be quite time-consuming. Is there a quicker way to do this so that I don't have to manually click each account in the drop-down?


The following might work if it is a planning (non-Actuals) version:

Under Modeling > Versions, select the version in which you want to clear all user edits. Move the Start of Plan back to a date prior to the current Start of Plan, for example Jan 2007. Move the End of Plan to Dec 2007 and the Left Scroll Limit to Jan 2007. Save. Then, move the Start of Plan, End of Plan, and Left Scroll Limit dates to what you expect for the version. This clears all data entered on sheets, but it does not impact formulas on the Formulas tab.


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