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Make new planning years start blank


How do I make new Planning years start blank?


When you create a new version and extend the End of Plan year outwards, you will be presented with a few different version extension options.

Start New Years Blank: The new planning years will begin blank in the version. Let's say that you are creating a new version for FY2014 Budget. You are using FY2013 Budget as the basis for the new version. Accounts in FY2014 will be blank UNLESS the account contains a formula that is stored on the Formulas tab. All formulas on the Formulas tab are automatically copied to the new version.

Copy Final Year Forward: This option copies the data from the final year. This is the default choice.

Copy Final Month Forward: This option copies the data from the final month.

Please note that you will receive this option for two types of accounts: Assumptions and Lookup Tables and All Other Accounts. If you choose to start new years blank for Assumptions and Lookup Tables, you need to make sure the values are populated in the appropriate time periods (on the Assumptions tab and/or the modeled sheet builder).


If you want to zero out all data in an existing version, you can import zeroes or try this approach:

After creating the new version, set the Start of Plan in the new version to a date earlier than the beginning Start of Plan in the version that was copied (i.e. January 2008). Make the End of Plan December 2008 and the Left Scroll Limit January 2008. After this has been done, change the Left Scroll Limit, Start of Plan, and End of Plan to the appropriate dates. All months will be blank, except those level/account combinations that contain formulas stored on the Formulas tab (though splits would need to be manually deleted).

You can create a copy of the version once all of the data has been cleared so that you do not have to go through this process again. You can lock the copied version and name it something like "Version to copy when starting a new budget."

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