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Locked Version checkbox


What does the Locked Version checkbox control on the Version Management page?


The Locked Version checkbox appears immediately above the User Access section in Version Admin. It appears only for Plan Versions, and does not appear for Actuals versions, sub-versions, or folders. Checking the box on a version has the following impacts.

  • All user groups in the User Access section which have a setting of "Import and Notes Only" or "Full Access" will automatically have those settings changed to "Locked Except Notes".
  • It becomes impossible to select Import and Notes Only or Full Access in any of the User Access selectors. Other values are still selectable.
  • The Actuals pointer, which is the last month of Actuals that displays for the version, becomes frozen at its current position.
  • The shared Formulas tab will be locked (Note: New Levels will not inherit shared formulas from the parent level in locked versions)
  • Data and formulas will not be copied to a new clone of a level in locked versions.

Unchecking the box reverses most of these actions. It restores the ability to select Full Access or Import and Notes Only in the access control dropdown menus. Unchecking the box will also unfreezes the Actuals pointer for the version, which will allow it to once again refer to the period selected in the Completed Values Through in the Actuals version.

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