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Data is different in the new copy of a version

Settings that can influence a new version creation.


I just created a new version and all my data is different compared to my source version. Why is that?


There are a few reasons why data may be different in one version compared to another:

1. The default version was accidentally cloned

  • When creating a version, the “Start as copy of version” drop-down (under New Version Options) is always going to start as the default version (which is the version that is shown with bold font on the versions page). Note that this does not start with the version that was selected before the “Create new plan version” button was selected. To confirm if this may have happened, you may want to compare the data in your new version against the default version to see if it matches.

2. Plan data was copied (instead of Actuals data)

  • When copying a version, the plan data will copy over to the new version, not the overlaid actuals data. If you are comparing a period that was originally actuals in the source version, but is now showing as plan data in the new version, the plan data underlying the actuals data is what copied over. To use actuals data to begin your plan version, you can export data from your actuals version and import it into your plan. For more information on how to export/import actuals data, please see this article

3. Extention Options were skipped

  • If you are comparing data in one year from the source version (e.g. 2017) to data in the newly added year in the new version (e.g. 2018), there are extension options that appear when the version was first created and a new year added. You have the option to copy forward the entire year’s data, data from the final month in the prior year, or start the new year blank (as shown in the image below).


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