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Actuals overlay is incorrect in a plan version


This is the first year we are using Adaptive Insights. I copied my official budget and then reset the start date on the version to February, thinking that it would show January Actuals and then the plan for the rest of the year. But it seems to keep showing the January budget numbers instead of Actuals. Is there a way to format so I will see Actuals for January and plan for the rest of the year, and then change next month to January and February Actuals plus the plan for rest of year?


In order to display Actuals for January and February and plan for the rest of the year, follow these steps:

(1) In Admin > Manage Versions, change the Start of Plan for the version to March 2013.

(2) If the Start of Plan was already set to March 2013 and Actuals are not displaying in the version, check the Completed Values Through field in the Actuals version to make sure it is set to February 2013. In this field, you can specify the last month of completed Actuals data that you want to make available for sheets and/or reports.

(3) If steps 1 and 2 do not work, check to see if the version is locked. If the version is locked, change the status to hidden, save it and then lock it again.

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