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Actuals data is not showing for all months in a plan version

How to fit the proper actuals period into a plan version.


Actuals data is not displaying in my planning version for the month that I expect. Why is that?


There are two settings that will determine the month that Actuals data comes through in a plan version. These are the Completed Values Through setting (in the Actuals Version) and the Start of Plan setting (in the Plan Version).

1. The Completed Values Through setting in the Actuals version.

  • This setting can be found by navigating to Modeling>Model Management>Versions and clicking on the "Actuals" version. The setting can be modified on the right-side of the page as shown in the image below. This will determine what time periods in the Actuals version are allowed to be picked up in any plan version. Thus, if the Completed Values Through setting is set to August 2017, no plan version will be able to show actuals data past August, even if September data has been loaded in the Actuals version.


2. The Start of Plan setting in the Plan version.

  • This setting can also be found by navigating to Modeling>Model Management>Versions, this time clicking on the relevant Plan version. This setting will determine the first period that will show Plan data. Any time periods before this setting will show the Actuals version, as long as the Completed Values Through setting is properly showing. Note that moving the Start of Plan forward will not erase plan data, but will simply allow actuals data to be overlaid on top of it.

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