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You tried to add or remove locked months from the scope


I keep getting an error message that says "You tried to add or remove locked months from the scope" when attempting to edit my allocation rule. How can I avoid this?


This error message typically means that there are versions in the scope of the allocation rule that are locked for some months (the same messaging applies to elimination rules as well). A change to an allocation rule can potentially affect the data in a locked version, so the system prevents a change to an allocation rule if it applies to a version that is locked. To resolve this, you can either:

  1. Temporarily unlock the versions before editing the rule
  2. Create a new rule that applies to only unlocked versions.

Option 1: Temporarily Unlock Versions

First, go into the "Scope" tab of your allocation rule to see what versions it applies to. You can then cross-reference this view with your Version page to see what versions in your rule are locked.

In particular, there are three settings that can lock a version:

  1. A check in the "Locked Version" box
  2. A "Locked" selection for the Administrators access control
  3. Lock leading Month through set for a date or through the completion month.

Unlocking these settings for each version will allow the allocation rule to be editable. After the change has been made, you can then lock the versions again to their original state.

Option 2: Create a New Allocation Rule for New Versions

If you do not want the change in your allocation rule to affect your old and/or locked versions, a new allocation rule can be created instead. The rule can have a similar setup, but the "Scope" section can be adjusted to only include new versions.

Thus, old allocation rule will apply to your original versions, and the new updated rule can apply to versions moving forward.

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