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Using Transactions


What are Transactions and what do the permissions control?


The Transactions module allows users to import and store transaction details with the ability to drill into those details from sheets or reports. Users can also run reports to view transactions across multiple accounts and levels.

The Transactions should hold the underlying details behind the Actuals values; however the Actuals values and Transactions are separate. This means the total value for Transactions can differ from the values imported to the Actuals versions.


  • transaction is a set of accounting entries which, grouped together, represent one business action.
  • transaction line is one of the entries which comprise a single transaction. Each transaction line will be associated with a specific Account/Level/Period location.


  • In order view imported Transactions, a user must have the Access Transactions permission.
  • For the ability to modify the Transactions columns, a a user must have the Transactions Admin Access permission.

If the Transactions module has not yet been purchased for your model, reach out to our Customer Success team at for pricing information.

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