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Import Transactions


How do I import into Transactions?



1. Navigate to Integration> Import Data

2. Select the Transactions radio button for Import Type

3. Click on the Download Template link to generate an import template specific to your model

4. Load the import template with data and save

5. Navigate back to the Import Data screen

6. Select the Transactions radio button for Import Type

7. Browse for the saved file and click Import

Transactions can only be imported into a model after the Transaction Field Definition has been completed. With current functionality, Transactions must imported to the model (not manually entered).  Once the Transactions are imported, users can view those transactions using the Transaction Drill Through feature on sheets and reports or by creating Transactions Reports.


Any user assigned to a role that includes the Import Capabilities will have the ability to import Transactions.

Automatic Imports

In order to have Transactions automatically imported to the model, an Adaptive Connector would need be configured. If you are interested in purchasing an Adaptive Connector, please reach out to our Customer Success team at "".


Transactions can only imported to child accounts, and will use the same mapping that is available for Actuals and Plan Imports. If an account is a link account with the "Show actuals if linked account has them" option selected, Transactions cannot be imported to the account. This is because the General Ledger Account will not hold its own Actuals. Users will be prompted to map any unmapped accounts, levels, and dimensions during the import process similarly to data imports.

Deleting Transactions

The final screen in the Transactions Import wizard will ask the user if he or she would like to delete Transactions. Transactions can only be deleted during the import process. 

If the user selects "Yes," they will then be prompted to select the Date Range and Transaction Types for which they would like to delete the Transactions. The selected existing Transactions will be removed prior to the Transactions being imported. 

Upon a successful import, the user will receive an "Import Successful" message, and the import will be logged in the Import History.

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