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Drill into Transactions


Where and how can I drill into Transactions?


There are two locations in which a link to drill into Transactions will display: 

1. In the right-click menu on an Actuals or Plan cell in a Standard Sheet

2. From Cell Explorer when viewing an Actuals or Plan number

The option to drill into Transactions will only appear for Account/Level/Period locations to which at least one Transaction has been imported. Upon drilling into the Transactions, a default report will be generated for the Transactions for that location.

It is also possible to drill into Transaction from a report. Simply click on any value on the matrix report (in html format) and it will open up the "Explore Cell" window where it is possible to drill to any associated transactions.  Be sure you have 'Make report explorable (HTML only)' enabled in the report options.

Drilling into an Account, Level, or Dimension rollup will show the Transactions for all children under the rollup.

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