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View all dimension splits in cell explorer

Q: We have a cube sheet with a dimension and that dimension has over 1000 dimension values (in this example, it has 1010 values). When exploring the cells on the sheet, we can only see the first 1000 dimension values. How can we see the rest of them?


A: The default number of rows displayed in cell explorer is 1000.

This number is controlled by the setting Modeled sheet first page size in Administration > General Setup. This value can be set to up to 50,000

This behavior is explained in more detail in the following example:

We have a cube sheet called SheetA with a Dimension called Travel_Type. This dimension has 1010 dimension values:


When we go to the sheet and we try to explore a cell when the Travel_Type is set to “All”, we get a message in red in the cell explorer saying: “Showing rows 1-1000 of 1010”



In order to see all the values, we can navigate to the Main Menu > Administration > General Setup and increase the value in the Modeled sheet first page size field:


When exploring the cell again we will see all the contributors:


Please note that the Modeled sheet first page size is used to improve performance when working with large data sets.  If you set the value higher, it may take longer to view modeled sheets and cell explorer, since there are more values that may be loaded into the browser before the page is visible to the user.


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