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Use audit trail to investigate unexpected data changes


How can I tell who changed the data for an account on my Balance Sheet. I uploaded the correct values last week and when I checked today one of my accounts had incorrect values.


Audit Trail is designed to answer questions about where and when the data originated, such as, "Who was the last person to change this cell, and when was it changed?"

When Audit Trail is enabled for the version, you can run a report to easily track any changes made to the following:

  • All data entered on standard sheets, modeled sheets, cube sheets and user-assigned sheets (formerly plan-independent sheets)
  • All sheet cells in which the user can enter values (date and text columns on modeled sheets, dimensions, and initial balances)
  • Formulas created on the Formulas tab
  • Values or formulas entered in assumptions, this includes global, cube sheet and modeled sheet assumptions
  • Values or formulas entered in Local assumptions
  • Cell notes
  • Monthly and spread lookup tables in modeled sheet builders
  • Currency exchange rates

Audit Trail can be enabled on a per version basis from Modeling > Versions.

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