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Sheet display for splits when viewing a plan version with actuals overlay


Can I show splits from Actuals and a Budget version on a sheet?


When displaying Actuals data in Budget versions on sheets, the following will be true.

  1. The Actuals splits themselves are never shown in the budget version as rows. This means that if there are splits called Rev_DepartmentA and Rev_DepartmentB in the Actuals version, but there are no splits in the budget version, the two splits from the Actuals will not be displayed in the budget version. This is true regardless whether the data is tagged with dimensions or not.
  2. There is no split label matching between the Actuals splits and Budget version splits. For example if there are two splits, Split A and Split B, in the Actuals version and just Split A in the budget version, you will not see numbers from Split A in the Actuals version aligned with those in the budget version. The splits in the Actuals version and the one in the budget version will be treated independent.
  3. Splits tagged with Dimensions will be matched as per the dimension assignments in the Actuals and Budget version. If there are dimensions associated with an Account, and there is one split in the Actuals and one split in the Budget version with the same dimension values selected, then the data will be matched and shown in respective split rows.
  4. You will sometimes see an "Other Actuals" locked implicit split in budget versions. This split is not a real split in either the Budget version or the Actuals version. It is just an implicit split that shows consolidated Actuals split data in a separate row. This split will not have data in the budget version, and only has data if present for the Actuals portion. The row will always be un-editable.
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