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Other Actuals line on a sheet


There is a field called 'Other Actuals' on our Income Statement. What does this mean and how can I remove it?


The read only "Other Actuals" line is automatically displayed in a plan version when there are splits in the actuals version that do not match any of the splits in the plan version based on the tagged dimension values for each split. For example, if the following splits exist in the Actuals version, you would see the following outcome when viewing the planning Version.

Actuals Version:
Office Expense
- Split A (500)
- Split B (500)

Plan Version:
Office Expense
- Split X (300)
- Split Y (200)
- Other Actuals (1000)

The Other Actuals split will only display data from the Actuals version. It is automatically created and cannot be edited or removed if there are splits in the Actuals version that do not match the splits in the planning version.

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