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Modeled Sheet Assumptions vs. Global Assumptions

This article includes suggestions and workarounds. Content may not be accurate for all use cases or represent best practices for the latest release. 


Should I use a sheet assumption or a global assumption for my modeled sheet?


Though sheet assumption accounts and global assumption accounts are used for a similar purpose, there are four main differences between these assumption types.

1. Sheet assumptions are created directly on the modeled sheet settings, while global assumptions are created on the  Assumption Accounts modeling page.

2. Since sheet assumptions are set within the sheet builder itself, only users with the Model role permission (an admin permission) can edit the values in these accounts. In contrast, global assumptions can be set on any sheet that users have access to, such as a user-assigned sheet. Standard users with top level access can edit these values if permission is granted to them by being assigned to view the user assigned sheet or level sheet that the assumption account is listed on.

3. Sheet assumptions will always use the value that is set in the Plan version. This will be true even when the start of plan has changed to allow an overlay of actuals data. In other words, even if there is actuals overlay over past plan data, the sheet assumptions will still apply values from the plan version for those months. Global assumptions will be affected by the actuals overlay, so those values may need to be updated with values in the actuals version.

4. Sheet assumption accounts cannot be viewed in matrix or OfficeConnect reports, while global assumption accounts can.


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