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Maximum cube sheet size

This article includes suggestions and workarounds. Content may not be accurate for all use cases or represent best practices for the latest release.


I am receiving a message saying my cube is at 95% capacity and will not display when the limit is reached. What is the maximum size for cube sheets and can this limit be increased?


Cube sheets may contain up to 5 GB of data and will not display once they exceed this size.The 5 GB maximum is calculated per version, meaning that in each version, the cube can contain up to 5 GB of data (e.g. Actuals can have 5 GB and 2019 Forecast can have 5 GB). Additional increases would require further review by the Support team.

How do I find what capacity my cube sheet is at?

Modeling > Sheet > Edit Cube Sheet
  • You will see a percentage at the top of the screen if the cube is above 50% capacity.  The % of capacity is how close you are to hitting the 5 GB (in one or more versions).
  • If you do not see a percentage indicated at the top of the screen or a warning message, then the cube is less than 50% capacity.
  • If the cube exceeds 5 GB, a warning will read: “This cube sheet has too much data to display in one or more versions."
  • When viewing the cube sheet you will also see a warning: "This sheet has too much data to display."

Here are a few options to reducing the amount of data in the cube sheet:

  • Reducing the number of years in the version.

  • Reducing the number of accounts or dimensions available on the cube.

  • Splitting the cube into two smaller cube sheets.

Warning message examples:



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