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Identify the currency used for values displaying on a modeled sheet


We noticed that all cube and standard sheets display the level currency at the bottom of the sheet. How can we tell which currency the values on a modeled sheet are being displayed in?


In view rollups mode, it is possible to have a mixture of different levels and currencies on a modeled sheet. Modeled sheet rows always display currency values in the row's level currency. Unlike standard sheets, modeled sheets do not convert each row's currency values into the selected level's currency.

To aid users in identifying the type of currency a row is displaying, we have added a "Level Currency" Display Column. This Display Column will appear as the first item under the Display Column section in the modeled sheet builder. The Level Currency column is a read only column which will display the type of currency associated with a row. If the column to be summed is of type currency, then the total value will be displayed in the currency of the selected plan in the level selector.

This column can be placed multiple times on a modeled sheet. By default, Level Currency columns will only appear in view rollups mode just like the Level column. However, the Level Currency column has a "Show in edit mode" option that will allow the column to display when viewing a child level or parent (only) level.

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