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Create and use a custom Breakback pattern


How do I create and use a custom Breakback pattern?


In some scenarios, it is necessary to Breakback a value with a method other than proportionately or evenly. In those cases, an Assumption can be utilized to create a custom Breakback pattern than can be used throughout the model.

To create a custom Breakback method, take the following steps:

1. Create the new Assumption

  • Go to Admin > General Setup.

  • Under Setup Details, make sure that Auto-breakback is set to "None"

  • Go to Modeling > Assumptions

  • Click the new Assumption button to enter the details for the new Assumption

  • Make sure to check the "Use in Breakback" box

  • Save the Assumption

2. Once the Assumption is saved, add the Assumption to a sheet (if it is not already included on one).

  • Go to Modeling > User Assigned Sheets

  • Click Edit next to the sheet name

  • Edit Account Groups

  • Highlight the group to which the Assumption will be added and select Assumptions in the drop down selector

  • Select the Assumption and click Add To Group

3. Add data to the Assumption to establish a pattern

4. Select the Assumption as the Breakback method after entering a value in a time rollup period

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