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Add Dimensions to a standard sheet with splits


How do I add Dimensions to a Standard Sheet with Splits?


1. Navigate to Modeling > Dimensions to create your dimension and dimension values.

  • Click “create new dimension” button (first plus sign).
  • Give the dimension a name and save.
  • Make sure the newly created dimension is selected/highlighted and choose “create new dimension value” button (second plus sign).
  • Give the value a name and save (repeat as needed).

2. Navigate to Modeling > Level Assigned Sheets.

  • Select the standard sheet.
  • Click Edit Dimensions.
  • Choose the appropriate dimension(s) and use the >> button to add the dimension(s) to the right box (‘Selected Dimensions’).
  • Click Save.

3. Navigate to Sheets > sheet name.

  • In the level drop-down choose the appropriate child level.
  • Once selected, you should see a new column on the far-left of the sheet before the time period columns start.
  • Choose the right account and if needed add a split using the “Add Split” button (plus sign).
  • Give the split a name.
  • Tag the newly created or existing split with the appropriate dimension value in your dimension column.
    • You should be able to click on a black arrow in the cell.
      • Save the sheet.
      • Select the dimension value.
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