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Account is missing from a sheet

Explains settings that can cause an account or data to not appear on a sheet.


I can't see certain accounts or data in my sheet. What could be causing this?


There are a few items that could be preventing this account from showing:

1. Suppress Zeros (found in the sheet display options): If this is a new account that does not have data, you might check is if Suppress Zeros has been turned on for the sheet. After loading the sheet, you can click on the Display options button (shown below) on the toolbar to see if “Suppress rows if all zero of blank” is checked at the bottom of this window. If the sheet is a cube sheet, you can also check the other tabs to confirm if the account is set to be viewable from here.


2. Customization for Sub-levels (found in the sheet settings): This can be found from Modeling > Level Assigned Sheets (or User Assigned Sheets) > "Sheet Name" > Customization for Sub-levels. On this page you can control whether an account is editable, read only, or hidden on a level-by-level basis. To drill down to lower levels you can click on the column headings. If the parent of the newly added account has been made read only or hidden, the child account will be hidden as well.

3. Account Groups (found in the sheet settings): For Standard sheets, you can add new accounts from Modeling > Level Assigned Sheets (or User Assigned Sheets) > "Sheet Name" > Account Groups. When adding a parent or account group to a sheet, all children or accounts under that group will be added automatically. When any new children are added to the parent, or new accounts added to the group, the sheet will automatically update to include these new accounts. If accounts were added individually, rather than a parent or group added, the sheet will not automatically include new accounts.

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