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Split headcount between multiple departments

This article includes suggestions and workarounds. Content may not be accurate for all use cases or represent best practices for the latest release.


I have several employees who are shared among multiple departments. What is the best way in AP to allocate a portion of the employee’s salary to multiple P&L departments?


Typically employees who are shared among multiple departments are planned using splits on the Personnel sheet. For example, you could have an employee, Joe Smith, with two splits, one for the Marketing Department and one for the Sales Department. Then, a column would be added to represent the allocation %, for example, 75% of Joe's salary should be billed to the Marketing department and 25% should be billed to the Sales department. Finally, this percentage would be be multiplied by the Personnel related accounts.

Something else to consider is that in some of your formulas, i.e. calculating tax caps for an individual, you might need to reference the unsplit Headcount and or Salary account. I often see multiple headcount accounts set up to show both the split values and the unsplit values:

  • Allocated Headcount
  • Unallocated Headcount
  • Allocated Partial Headcount
  • Unallocated Partial Headcount
  • Allocated Salary
  • Unallocated Salary

Please see the Formula Examples section and the Personnel Calculations Explained video for more information on Personnel calculations.

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