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Hide a level from view in new versions

This article includes suggestions and workarounds. Content may not be accurate for all use cases or represent best practices for the latest release.


Is there a way to hide specific levels from view in versions? For example, there are instances when a level is closed or made inactive from year to year, and I do not want to see the closed level in newer versions, but the closed level needs to remain in the structure for prior versions. Is this possible?


Version-dependent levels give users the option to retire a level that’s no longer used without affecting old budgets or historical Actuals. This feature is as simple as checking a box in level admin.

















Version Dependent Levels FAQ

What happens when you make a level unavailable?
  • If you make a level unavailable, users are unable to see the level in the level selector on sheet, import data to the level and see the level in the workflow screen. If the level contains data, the data is deleted.
Can I make the parent (only) level unavailable and allow the child levels to be available?
  • When parent levels are unavailable, all of the child levels under the parent are also unavailable.
Can I import the Level Availability?
  • Current functionality does not include the ability to import level availability.
Can I have the level roll up to a different parent in my new version or change any of the details?
  • This can be done by cloning the level. The clone will be available in the new version but the old level will not.
How can I show data from an old level and the cloned level across versions in a report?
  • To do this, you can list both levels, create a custom calculation or use level dimensions.


What is copied when cloning a level? What is not copied?

When cloning a level, the following are copied:
  • Properties from the source level
  • In unlocked planning versions: all data, including notes
  • In Actuals: only formulas in Actuals, no hard-coded values.
  • When “Rolls Up To” is changed, shared formulas from the new parent are copied
  • Parameter Availability
When cloning a level, the following are not copied:
  • Workflow status
  • Import mappings
  • Audit Trail
  • Individual references to the source level in reports (the clone is not added to the report)
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