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Find where a dimension is in use


I want to delete an old dimension value that we no longer use, but the system is identifying it as in-use and will not let me delete it. How can I identify where the dimension is in use?


A Dimension value will appear as in use if the Dimension value is being used on a sheet or a report. To find where the Dimension value is being used, you could either create a report or run a export of data tagged with the Dimension. If the Dimension value is used on a Model or Cube sheet, mark the value as not being available on the sheet. If the Dimension value is used as a split on a Standard sheet, the split or value will need to be manually removed.


To find where the dimension itself is being used, it could be in one of the following areas:

1. Standard, Cube, or Modeled sheets (review both Level Assigned and User Assigned sheets in Model Management).

2. Allocation rules (review the Scope tab for Allocation Rules in Model Management to see if the dimension is listed in Preserve Dimensions).

3. Transactions (review the Transactions page in Model Management).

4. Reports (it could be in either Shared or Personal reports).

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