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Display column is incorrectly returning zero in the column

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Why is the Monthly Salary column on my Personnel sheet returning zero?


This column is likely a Display Column. A Display Column on a modeled sheet shows how a specific calculated account is evaluating for that row given certain time restrictions. For example, the column might be set to show the value from the first non-Actuals month in the version or show 12 months summed together, starting at the fiscal year prior to the Start of plan for the version.

One quick way to verify if the reason the zero is returning is just a display setting, or if the calculation for that account is actually evaluating to zero when it should be returning data, is to right-click on the row on the modeled sheet and select Row Details. Row Details will show you, for that particular row, how every calculated account on the sheet is evaluating. There should be a line in this window representing the column that is displayed on the sheet.

If this account is evaluating correctly in Row Details, but shows a zero in the column, this is likely due to the columns settings. From Modeling > Level Assigned Sheets (or User Assigned Sheets) > “Edit” next to the modeled sheet > Columns and Levels. There are three relevant settings to the column to determine what month(s) of values will display

  1. Reference Month: First non-Actuals month or Start of plan
  2. Start of Rollup Range: Where are we starting our display of data relative to the reference month
  3. Number of Months in Rollup Range: Starting at the month from the above two settings, how many subsequent months are we summing together
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